Program Completion

Completing the Program

Congratulations on completing the Health Literacy Specialist Certificate Program! 

Your commitment to health literacy brings us all one step closer to improving health equity for everyone.
Now that you’ve completed the program, you can take a few more steps to show off your achievement and spread the word. See below for what comes next.

Here’s a short video on the exams and finishing the program:

What’s Next?

It’s time to update your job description and add your digital badge(s) to your professional skills! 
Check out our Health Literacy Specialist Model Job Description sample.

Update Your Profiles

The Health Literacy Specialist Certificate Program is a fantastic addition to your resume, LinkedIn profile, and job description. Add your certificate and digital badges to all your profiles to demonstrate your new skills and your commitment to health literacy.

How Should I Tell People About My Certificate?

Remember, IHA’s Health Literacy Specialist program awards a certificate, NOT a certification. This certificate signifies that you’ve demonstrated knowledge of the seven domains of health literacy.
Completing the program is a significant accomplishment, and you likely want to share the news with others. However, there are a few points to remember when talking about your achievement. Upon earning your HLS certificate from IHA, you:
  • may state that you hold a certificate in health literacy;
  • shall not state that you are certified in health literacy; and
  • shall not use acronyms or letters after your name in reference to the certificate.

About your Digital Badge

Digital badges are an appropriate, easy and efficient way for organizations to exhibit and reward participants for skills obtained in professional development in an online, publicly searchable way.
Digital badges are more than just a visual graphic. It is a dynamic portable icon that is embedded with the qualifying information about the issuer and a detailed description of the competencies met. When the badge icon is clicked, this information shows and can be authenticated and verified.
  • IHA selected Badgr for our digital badge platform. You can create an account in Badgr to manage your badges in your “Backpack”. In Badgr, you can share single badges or badge collections with users, websites, or social media.
  • After you complete the micro-credential and pass the assessment, you will receive an email from Badgr with your digital badge. You can download and save the badge image for your resume. 
  • However, sharing badges on social media sites allows users to showcase their learning, as the badge contains verified learning information. To share on LinkedIn, find the badge in your Backpack, click "Share", and navigate to LinkedIn. Click Add to Profile then Save. 
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