We Are All About Advancing Health Literacy

Our dedication to collecting, sharing, and disseminating information about health literacy stems from a desire to permanently improve lives. We firmly believe that increasing the level of health literacy among populations, and making sure healthcare professionals communicate clearly and plainly, will have exponentially positive effects on general well-being for decades to come. As experts in healthcare delivery, communications, and community health needs, we know that improved health starts with understanding and equity.

To fulfill our mission, we offer the following initiatives:

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Health Literacy Solutions Center
We sponsor and administer this robust and collaborative venue that connects all of us in the health literacy community. Ask questions, share resources and ideas, and be part of the solution in a vibrant networking opportunity.

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Health Literacy Main Community
We sponsor and administer a robust and collaborative vehicle for exchanging health literacy ideas and finding solutions.

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Health Literacy Specialist Certificate Program
We offer the Assessment-Based Health Literacy Specialist Certificate program. Launching in the 2nd quarter of 2021, this structured professional development program of 7 micro-credentials offers a standards-based approach to advancing one’s knowledge in health literacy. The curriculum provides education that accomplishes the two overarching objectives: 1) What does one need to know, and 2) What does one need to be able to do, in order to be considered a Health Literacy Specialist?

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Annual Health Literacy Conference

This premier health literacy conference, convenes over 2,400 registrants, and is provided free of charge for Health Literacy Solutions Center members. The objective of the conference is to provide operational solutions to those working in healthcare, using health literacy best practices and principles to advance health equity. Attendee profile includes those from the following settings: primary care, education, policy/advocacy, communications, public health, academia, government, and more. The conference provides continuing education credits and networking opportunities.

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Health Literacy in Action Conference
This annual continuing education conference, held in October, is produced in collaboration with the Horowitz Center for Health Literacy at the University of Maryland. The conference examines policy and practice in health literacy to advance health equity.

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IHA Research ProgramIHA's Research Program
Learn about IHA’s research program, which conducts and funds research to advance the field of health literacy.

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Easy-to-Read What To Do For Health books
Our What To Do For Health self-help health book series is published in multiple languages, with teacher training manuals. All books are written at a 3rd- to 5th-grade reading level, with illustrations, no jargon, and tips for managing chronic disease and health and wellness across the age spectrum, from pregnancy to senior health.

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Health Literacy Research and Practice
Health Literacy Research and Practice is an interdisciplinary and international publication dedicated to promoting excellence in research and practice to advance the field of health literacy, promote health equity, and reduce health disparities.

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Health Literacy Consulting Services
We offer health literacy consulting across a broad range of topics. Our network of experts and partners provides you with access to world-class expertise and experience to complete your project. Writing, testing, design, education, implementation—whatever your project needs, we can help.

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La Habra Family Resource Center
Locally, IHA administers the La Habra Family Resource Center, a social services agency that provides family-centered support, working with community resources that can address the health, emotional, social, and academic needs of children and their families. At the center, we provide a complete family-centered support system and work with community resources that can address the health, emotional, social, and academic needs of children and their families.

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