Are you interested in getting more involved in the health literacy community?  Here are a couple of ways you can share your expertise and experience with others in the community:


IHA’s Annual Health Literacy Conference content is driven by community interests and needs. The conference relies on judges to review breakout session submissions, posters, and award nominations to ensure quality and excellence. If you are interested in being a judge to review any of these, please sign up for the conference information list  and you will be notified as soon as the Call for Judges is posted.

Poster Mentor

Do you have experience developing a poster for conferences?  Become a poster mentor to help first timers or those who need a little guidance creating one. If you are interested, add your contact information to the Poster Mentor Roster

Health Literacy Solutions Center Test User

The Health Literacy Solutions Center is continuously creating new and improved ways to increase member satisfaction. As part of this process, we look to the community to provide feedback on how well we’re doing.  Sign up to become a Health Literacy Solutions Test User if you are interested in giving your feedback when a new feature or concept for the site is available.