Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Organization: The Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA)

IHA envisions a world where all individuals have equal access to quality health outcomes.  

As such, IHA is guided by this mission: Advancing health literacy toward health equity.

The healthcare system encompasses a wide array of stakeholders, including individuals and organizations of all types and sizes. Within this dynamic system, individuals, whether affiliated with organizations or not, play a crucial role in promoting health and well-being.  And for all those professionals, we have a singular driving objective: to help them successfully integrate health literacy into their practices and their own professional development. We believe that all people deserve equal and fair access to positive health outcomes.

We support and share information with organizations to improve their organizational health literacy and empower them to improve access to usable and accessible healthcare information and services and increase personal health literacy. We achieve this by helping health professionals to communicate clearly and plainly.

Our Contribution: Health Literacy Solutions Center (HLSC)

IHA has been connecting like-minded health literacy professionals for more than two decades. Facilitating focused policy, practice, and research gatherings has proven instrumental to the health literacy field’s advancement. Taking this three-pronged approach to education, inquiry, and action provides a broad base of support to health literacy professionals to advance health literacy toward health equity.

An essential component of that support is the Health Literacy Solutions Center (HLSC). This robust platform is your go-to place for the ongoing, collaborative exchange of information. The HLSC welcomes you into a dynamic networking community, invites you to ask questions, and to share ideas and resources. And, perhaps most importantly, the HLSC allows you to be part of the health literacy solution.

The Health Literacy Solutions Center’s vision is to be the best resource for the global health literacy community, where all professionals have access to the tools and knowledge they need, when they need them, to help achieve health equity.

The Health Literacy Solutions Center's mission is to serve as the primary online community for connecting health literacy professionals and equipping them with the resources they need to be the best advocates and health literacy professionals they can be.

Our Gratitude 
For decades, IHA has provided world-class support to health literacy professionals through learning tools, conferences, and consulting. As a member of our community, you are a vital part of our mission and vision. With your expertise and engagement we have been able to shape and define health literacy policy, practice, and research, pushing boundaries and achieving new heights in improving health literacy for all. Together, we have demonstrated that by joining forces, we are able to make significant strides in enhancing the health literacy of individuals and communities alike.
With your engagement, we help our communities decide:
1. what they need,
2. how to get what they need, and
3. how to use what they get.
Thank you for making our work possible.
IHA is a nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) public benefit charity.

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